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Advanced Role Playing

So you want to make a character, and you have some pretty good ideas about what you want. But if you would like to make a more fleshed out and well-rounded character, try some of the things listed below!

Before starting these questions, take as much time as you need to jot down details and ideas about your character. Just write down whatever you want, or already know. It’s better to go through…

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Rise from the dead, ye little head, Davidschirduan

Our 4th installment of Beautiful Spam, focusing on the joys of family:

Little sister in surprise adam. Comforted her attention to stay in love.

Jenkins and hugged charlie watched as vera. Girl and told him very happy. Family for though not ready bill.
Said gary and say anything.
Observed gary getting married so this. Sighed charlie hugged her father. See me with us the private.
Inquired adam had given the sounds good. Explained vera called bill was feeling that.
8EvE­qΦNÆbþL2ÝÊAdΔ¿RNXÐGz5±E9oè OUÆYNЬOæ65Û©YÂRKÜl ¥x4PŠé¤ÊmÕ⊥Nϖ£9Íf¿ýSqë» xç¿ThYQO♥PςD8DKAnm±YQEáExclaimed vera in surprise adam. Muttered under his mouth in front door. Both women and quickly made his watch. Downen had gone down in front seat. What would you want me this. Year old woman in front seat.
¾©mĆîg2l¢SÛi6ŸAcªFbkℵJ6 Ör℘oeWmnð↓ü 700t5ÒchΕ2Se≡¡B z∠cAÎ8þt9f0tµÊøaB©Ψc2υ×h♥61mgZ8eTy3n³Z9tubγ ΣM˜В½1XeÊׯlp62lAò0o³ßww080:v2PReminded adam continued the couch.
Help him with people who could. Please god is good friends. Laughed charlie were out for them.
Asked mae and placed it looks like.
Please charlie who is good to sleep. Pointed out an hour and then shirley. Pressed adam taking her father.
Sighed shirley would still asleep. Remarked charlie who is with family. Said handing it back to keep down. Boy who she could hear the guest.
Muttered adam heard this place. However when vera gathered the next morning.

Welcome Minions is now on DriveThruRPG, and YOU set the price!

Welcome Minions is now on DriveThruRPG, and YOU set the price!

DriveThruRPG finally accepted Welcome Minions, and put it up on the front store page! Go grab it there, add it to your bookshelf, and you’ll always have access to it. It’s still Pay What You Want, so unlike a lot of other DriveThru products, it shouldn’t break your bank.

Go check it out! You have nothing to lose!

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RE: Davidschirduan…C..A..N_A D I..A_N___ D-R..U-G..S..T_O-R E!

The continuing adventures of Beautiful Spam. Today we learn more about this ever expanding cast of characters, and a very wide range of emotions for no discernable reason. Laughing, crying, begging, and much more! To be continued!

Whatever you sure if they. Wondered why he whispered jake.
His feet from abby slowly replied. Feel that could hear me jake.
L861B→kAzEª≡¨8SΨ2MWT688¡ −181ĆoC¨˜Aé60ÂNHRTjAä6vvDqnÏnÌ74X0Àc87ÖNf½mp 185HPRU8ïHUgû⇔ÁOrÐ2R5º∼EMIgNöAxVí↓Č≡Q↵rYºÅÞA ÊKp•T5X9∨OflØ0 “¦tîB61BCÜ÷†ØXY0ÊI²Does that love her mother in time. Looked down beside her voice from jake.
Reluctantly abby watched as well that. Shouted john started down abby. Replied abby followed by one more.
Smile he breathed soî ly laughed.
Laughed and let alone with. Jacoby as well that izumi.
¿Ö6VČ98Oel8gH&i5tOÜc36oEkΤl¬Â 9V≡Äol1›ÑnptOV Εg7ítcno6hØÊ9ze³Z3y £Ý⇑PA1D0ÉtRljktf64öa–â8ΦcÜwûih1nÿ3m≡fΥìeφ¬CFn9⌊u®t5y7’ 8UahΒqõ0ýe9bÆÝlÒΛC6lq°X3or6RçwMG>t:oµ67Resisted jake pulled away from home abby.
Begged jake slowly replied abby. Announced john getting up within her again.
We did abby leaned back.
Want you call me into the rest.
Slowly replied the girls and knew that. Actually home and had fallen asleep. Agreed to ask of what. Please god and set the triplets.
Will be here jake returned with.
Jacoby in more and

Beef up your size, Davidschirduan!

The continuing adventures of Beautiful Spam! I find this stuff in my spam folder, surrounded by ads for viagra and pills….I don’t know why this text is in here! But I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Repeated jake put you do anything.
That they drove down while others.
Cried terry trying not waiting for breakfast. Winkler wants you into her half hour. Psalms abigail was struggling to where.
0¨3HζvcEú5cR¹Ε˜BrpKA8YìLÆ4¤ Ó⊕üPÍQSÈUς⊇Nô0iIZaESπVF ♥dwPÁ8zI4çJL‡5lLÌçiSe8TWait until the glass of time.
Onto her line at least we could. Puzzled by her mother in half hour. Smiled izumi called out abby.
ιt±Ç9xglUTΤiÃ5úc4ÔkkO¿0 6´ªo≡36ndð³ 0B8tkæèhZ²ℜeZ∃0 ÈOnAQ4Mtb¿ÎtÖtÉaO2UcÁÔZhS∧Pmcc⊇e5°DnΔμ4tcFJ 3­7ƁxHΠeˆv²lÞL9l3WMo2ß1w½Ig:XUnSuggested abby climbed out on her back.
Seeing her mother to call. Groaned in him abby had just.
What happened before dinner in our abby. Please god and took their own life.



These photos were taken a few seconds apart.

ahhh how majestic

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Davidschirduan.S A_F_E..-&_-F_A S..T—..P-E-N-I..S—_E..N..L-A-R_G..E M..E_N-T..

Continuing my strange and creepy Beautiful Spam series, here’s the latest email. (Note, I don’t edit any of this….I don’t think I could make it any better than it already is!


started out with carol asked. What are going and even though. Have my turn down there. Seeing her hand on all right. Some things the book and connor.
Jake and wondered how he needed.
Anyone else to stop her good.
zÔb∑EÆn–ôN7€qℑL¨er¥A¡j4OR3¼yAG5>4ÓEýxFØ ¾2ì∈YòsDROθðmÀÜ4p7çRYf›9 O6ÆxPäΓb6ÈI±5TN2uℵ3ÏrVm6ShÝOM ⊇→f1TP³⊂ôOKÖò7D∀T∀5AkWV9YNÏq¿Maybe you need one in thought about.
Please god to leave without looking. Maybe he turned the safe. Whatever it was grateful when. Sorry maddie told you more.
Brian had turned on sleeping. Emily and looking up from izzy. Sorry maddie but terry checked the sleeping.
Da6vC2³Θ7lzGN¡iÆwƒCcAavikÌÝrO v«ÕŒoMVÌ3n0I1I 0ç♠Dté∧g1huÞXGe5KÝt 4Eˆ0AkÛ80ty7ΛËtΝ3⌊ÓaHI8kc¸4Φhhhiv4m¾o5teÓY§XnW·é¹t0ryΨ hÈÇ€ɃxH45eφ1ΔYl4‾7plj2Q9om±´cw£®9m:gd64Lizzie and it easy to calm down. Paige sighed looked as far away.
Hurt herself as they were back. Okay we should probably be easy. Madison reached the cell phone back. Brian would hurt madison looked tired. Izzy gave her name on sleeping.

Beautiful Spam: Intro

I’m very protective of my computer. I run continual virus scans, am very careful about what I download, what websites I visit, etc. I still get the occasional spam message here and there, but recently I’ve been slammed with spam. I get 2-3 messages a day!

At first glance it’s the usual stuff. Viagra, Penis Pills, cheap meds, etc. I try not to think about who buys this stuff, or even worse, who falls for this spam. Most email clients are pretty good at blocking that stuff, and Gmail is no exception. That stuff always goes in the spam folder, and I go through and empty it occasionally. Most of the time….
Here’s where stuff gets weird. Over the past month or so, I’ve been getting the same kind of spam messages. They all come from different emails, but they all look the same. Here is an examples:
See how the letters are strange, with some faint dotted lines in the background, almost underlining the text? I was curious about how they got dotted lines in the background of an email, so I did some investigating. It turns out they are not dotted lines, but very very small text. So of course, like any good investigator, I was curious about what it said. So I copied the raw text of the email and pasted it into a text editor.
And oh my God, this is the most amazing, creepy nonsensical thing I’ve ever seen! Here’s a sample from the first one I received:
Repeated jake put you do anything.
That they drove down while others.
Cried terry trying not waiting for breakfast. Winkler wants you into her half hour. Psalms abigail was struggling to where.
0¨3HζvcEú5cR¹Ε˜BrpKA8YìLÆ4¤ Ó⊕üPÍQSÈUς⊇Nô0iIZaESπVF ♥dwPÁ8zI4çJL‡5lLÌçiSe8TWait until the glass of time.
Onto her line at least we could. Puzzled by her mother in half hour. Smiled izumi called out abby.
I don’t know what is going on, but I’m intrigued…I’ve got more than a handful saved up, and I’ll be posting them here. Maybe one of you can make more sense of what is going on.

Storium: The Online Storytelling Game

Storium: The Online Storytelling Game

I saw the kickstarter for Storium a while ago, and almost backed it. It seemed like it had a lot of promise, and could deliver both a play-by-post system that worked for veteran players as well as a simple online storytelling system that didn’t require any previous RPG experience. A tall order, but I’m here to report that they pulled it off with spades!

For those who don’t know, Play by Post is a…

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.

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Displacer Beast (Monster) by Conceptopolis


bluelikejazzminds asked: Hate is a common theme towards young black and brown men of this nation. Justice for these young men (and women) has not been served, and if anything are glossed over by celebrity news or other stories to distract the nation. As a Christian, I want to look…


Drawing inspiration from both Marcus Mumford and Charles Wesley, Nashville producer/artist Zach Hughes delivers a striking rendition of the classic hymn, ‘Jesus, Lover of My Soul’. This track is by turns fun, reflective, relaxed, and driving - and sometimes, all at once. Check this out because it’s awesome, and because you’ll want to tell your friends you were listening to Zach Hughes before they were.

Get the coolest music in the Christian world, and support missions in inner-city Chicago, all for only $8/month. Sign up at missionusa.com/bridgebox.

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