who the fuck chooses the actors in infomercials

I want to be an overactor in an informercial. I feel it’s the role I was born to play.

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So, about 2 weeks ago I smoked my first pipe of tobacco. I really like it! It was smooth, flavorful, and not as thick a cigar. I bought a cheap corncob, and some cheap tobacco for about 15 bucks.

2 weeks of antiquing and keeping my eyes open landed me two pipes that I’m quite proud of!

linked above is the reddit post where I slowly realize that these pipes are actually really really nice pipes, and I’m a damn lucky man.



Anonymous asked: Hey Unka Glen! I’m taking this course of philosophy, and I got into a discussion with my lecturer about determinism, and whether God already knows the sins that we will do. And why does God allow sin in first place? I am more into the Calvinist view, but I would like…



Anonymous asked: You crack me up when you talk about going “to the Bible Nerdatorium!” in your posts, and I love it when you unpack all the Greek stuff. I’m sure you get asked this a lot, can a non-scholar like me look up all that Greek stuff for myself? Not that I want to do that…

Amazing! fantastic resource!

Delays and Adjustments

Apologies to everyone who reads my stuff. Normally I try to keep 3-4 posts queued up just in case of emergency, but I’ve finally ran out of content. My life is nuts right now, but within the next few weeks, I hope to start writing again.

Currently I am:

  • getting married
  • planning a wedding
  • starting a new job
  • getting over a recent illness
  • shopping for a car
  • re-stocking my cigars
  • trying to find time…

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Gaming for Two - Duet Gaming

Gaming for Two – Duet Gaming

Sometimes, its hard to find enough people to play an RPG game. Either schedules are tough, nowhere to meet, or you just can’t fit everyone into the room. In my case, and in many others, I just want to share a hobby with one person, instead of trying to juggle the plates of an entire group.

My fiance is a huge nerd, like myself. She’s helped me write my games, supported me, and loves to play…

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So I’m beta-testing a new play-by-post rpg site. ileni.

This is how one guy introduces himself:

I appear as a lithe, lean, somewhat muscular Celtic-looking white male with naturally white medium-to-long hair and black clothes/boots/cloak with a black breastplate. I am Wandering because my young wife and child have been murdered, and I seek purpose. I believe God called me to Wander—possibly to keep fellow traveller’s safe and achieve my destiny. I am worldly and streetwise, but I consider myself of Good alignment—despite my brusk, stern, vaguely anti-social demeanor. My past is a mystery. Was I noble? Rumors abound. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I look for God to heal my heart, grant me favor, and show me He has a plan for my life—a destiny that will make the losses and heartache make sense and not for naught. How do I create a character on here? Stats? “All Who Wander Are Not Lost”

" I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma." -WHY?!?!? this is just so boring. I hope I can get him to open up and role-play.


hey i did one of those parallels things cause i noticed this

cause both of these shows turn from fighting enemies to fighting a massive enemy against all odds and saying fuck probability


I can’t…..this….this makes me hurt. If Jesus were here, he would flip your table, sir!

Star Wars RPG II: Revenge of Chapter 1

Star Wars RPG II: Revenge of Chapter 1

Continuing from last time, I’m still going through the Star Wars Gamemaster Handbook, to see what jewels are contained within!

Translate these episodes into Game Terms

When thinking about the Star Wars rules, remember the most important rule: this is supposed to be fun, and ignore whatever gets in the way of having fun. Make sure your desire to ‘do it right’ doesn’t interfere with the progress of…

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Game101 was a club I started in college.

Game Design Goals and Philosophy 2: Mine

Game Design Goals and Philosophy 2: Mine

Continuing my discussion on how RPGs represent success, and how to achieve that success, lets dig into some other, stranger games.


Ah Numenera…you are wonderful. A very new game, built on very old ideas. Numenera takes a lot of the tropes of fantasy, but sets them 1 billion years in the future, where technology is so advanced as to seem like magic.

In this new world, the entire game is…

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Feel vs Fairness vs Fun?

Feel vs Fairness vs Fun?

I’m a huge fan Twenty-Sided, a blog run by Shamus Young. He talks a lot about video games, programming, and more rarely, Tabletop games. He is an excellent writer, and one of my role-models. (If you’re reading this, Shamus, I want an autograph!)

He and some of his friends have started up the Diecast, a podcast with Shamus, Chris, Josh, and Rutskarn. They usually talk about video games, but in…

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so, since I’ve been making a little bit of money with my games, I was going to purchase Transistor, but then I realized that Shovel Knight comes out in 4 days! AUGH!

Game Design Goals and Philosophy 1: Dungeons

Game Design Goals and Philosophy 1: Dungeons

I was listening to a James KA Smith lecture on a recent road trip, and he was mentioning how a lot of the media we consume is trying to define “the good life”. Beauty products commercials sell a beautiful face as the good life, and their products is the way to get there. Beer commercials may show good times with friends, and beer is how you get there.

Of course, I know that’s true, but its easy…

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