Modders: End game

Alright everyone! Thanks for being patient and putting up with my chicanery.

TL;DR: Legend is dead, starting a new game this thusday at 6pm, Folly Beach

Our legend game was starting to burn me out and frustrate me, so I started up another, more freeform game on sundays, with people who have experience with role-playing games. It started out as an experiment, and has since blossomed into a legit game. Did not see that coming.

So, where does that leave us Mods eh?

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Dungeon World Classes And Character Creation

Dungeon World Classes and Edits
*some written by me, some written by class creators. See end for sources*

Welcome to Dungeon World! The class you pick is the biggest influence on how you play the game. Answer the questions below to get a good idea of what kind of character you would like to play.

Before you begin, have these questions rattling around in the back of your mind:

  • What is my character’s name?
  • What does my character look like?
  • What do they want?
  • Where did they grow up?
  • Why did they choose this life?
  • Was there a life-changing event in their past?
  • How do they deal with conflict(argument, enemy, roadblock)?

We will get more into the specifics during our first meeting, so don’t worry too much about this. Just read through the classes, and see what looks interesting.

Also, all of you need to answer this question:

  • Why would my character be sent to jail?

Here are the classes that we will be using for my Dungeon World game:

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Modders 7: World of Goo

A New Challenger Approaches!

      After destroying some wildlife, performing arson, and getting halfway to the next level, the group continues onward!

      On their way to the Ye Olde Fashioned in West Ashley, they pass the James Island Connector, and the Harris Teeter across the street. As they approach, there’s a loud *SNAKK* as the doors of the building fly open and a somewhat scrawny man shoots out of the building holding an entire safe. He is pursued by 3 men in uniforms, holding firearms, and shouting “HALT, Criminal Scum!”.

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Modders 6: Rise and Shine - Xplozion Edition

      “Whelp, we decided not to kill ya’ll because of what you did yesterday, so I guess you’d better get up.”

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Modders 5: Murlock Madness

     Last time, we talked about “splitting the party”. Turns out we still don’t really know what that means. Also, here is a helpful map. (The best thing about playing in a real setting is that maps are super easy.)


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Modders 4: Don’t Split the Party

     Everyone knows the first rule of adventuring: Don’t split the party. Except us, that is. The image below is a teaser of what is to come. Don’t worry about it, you’ll understand in a bit.



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Modders 3.5: Reflections

     Having never GM-ed before, and since our group took a week off for holiday, I feel the need to fill this space. What follows is a rambling of my ideas, thoughts, and discoveries about table-top gaming in general.

***Do not read this if you are in my gaming group, and wish to maintain the illusion that I know what I’m doing.***

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Modders 3: The Battle of the Parking Lot

     Welcome back Mods, to another episode of:

7 Young Adults 
with Super Powers 
in a Desolate Wasteland
Super Spectacular Super Show!?#
     (it sounds a lot better in the original japanese.)
     When we last left our “heroes”, they had captured an innocent man after butchering his companions. A very short interrogation began, which went something akin to this:

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Modders 2: Our First Meeting

     Welcome back Mods! After our initial introduction, it’s finally time to get this show on the road! Let’s meet our victims guests contestants!

imageThis may have to happen.

  1. Mark - Ever see Sam Fisher stalking a goblin? You will in this story. He’s stealthy. He’s got guns. And he’s not afraid of the dark.
  2. Henry - A disgruntled band teacher who seeks to show everyone the POWER OF MUSIC!
  3. Anna - A bear-lady that can talk, although she prefers to communicate with her fists.In a fight, she can be identified as the one covered in the most blood.
  4. Steven - He seeks to move amongst the meatbags. His programming allows him to accomplish whatever tasks are set before him. He may be a robot, but he can also magic. 
  5. Evan - He’s a monk. I would tell you more about him, but he’s so calm, and doesn’t talk much. He also claimed he would be the “moral compass” of the group. 
  6. Lauren - Angels don’t often grace the earth. But when they do, they bring a tiny little fairy with them.
  7. Andrew - A baseball bat-wielding paladin who is sure that the electronic device in his head is actually God. He is completely stable and dependable.

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Modders 1: The beginning of Legend

     Since I don’t yet have a job, I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing some contract work, volunteering with some local organizations, and doing household chores to convince my family that I’m a helpful squatter, and not an embarrassment to the family.

     Potential employers take note: I have a drive to work and accomplish creative activities in my spare time!

     So far so good.

     In lieu of my new found free time, I’ve decided to pursue the creative side of my brain, an area long rejected and abused. I’ve played some tabletop games (Dungeons and Dragons) a few times, and had some good fun every time. My biggest complaint that I never really felt invested in the story. It was usually pretty typical stuff, or something with strange elements in a boring story. Or it was just one nerd reference after another. Ugh.

     So now that I complained, I get to make the change.

    First step, find a game system that would be fun, interesting, and most importantly: comprehensible. I don’t want to get lost in the rules, or spend 20 minutes doing advanced calculus before every battle. One system that I’ve heard of is call Legend. It is created by a pretty small team, has a heavy community input, and any profits that they make go towards the charity Child’s Play. With this many people working on a system, how bad can it be?

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